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Subject Info: how to add tw fields from MS-ACCESS A d d  -  P o s tAdd P o s t
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Joined: June/13/2006
Location: Kuwait
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Added: June/13/2006 at 1:34am | IP Logged Quote bobo

this is my code...and i want the code to display two fields together concatenate them in the list box that is the code and description...when i run it with in the browser displays a Error Type:
Microsoft VBScript compilation (0x800A03EE)
Expected ')'

<form name="frmSelect" method="Post" action="test2.asp">

<SELECT name=exmp LANGUAGE=javascript onchange="return dept_onchange(frmSelect)">
 Set oRs=Server.CreateObject("adodb.recordset")
 strSQL = "SELECT code ,description FROM projects"
 oRs.Open strSQL, conn  
 Do while not oRs.EOF
  if Request.Form("code") = oRs("Code") then
   Response.Write ("<option value=" & oRs.Fields("code") & ">" & oRs.Fields("description") & "</option> "

   Response.Write ("<option value=" & oRs.Fields("code") & ">" & oRs.Fields("description") & "</option> "
  end if


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